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Specializing in TVR Sourcing, Import, Sales, Servicing & Parts​


A deep network in the UK

As British Ex-Pats with a strong and deep network back in UK, the home of TVR sports cars, only the finest, high-quality examples are selected for import into the states.​

Whether selecting from our stock or desiring a specific specification of vehicle we can fulfil every decerning customers needs.​



Simplifying the process for you

Bring vehicles in the USA that were never sold here over thousands of miles, different time zones and through legal and regulatory processes can be daunting. ​

We have the end to end process taken care of resulting in legal registered vehicles ready for sale and ownership here in the USA.​


Carefully selected and imported vehicles

TVR Garage offer for sale carefully selected and imported vehicles made available here in the USA. We will bring only a handful of the finest examples of TVR products to the USA market per annum. Our customers will be as unique as the cars themselves, working alongside our clients we will provide the perfect car and acquisition experience tailored to your ownership needs and their envisioned experiences.​



Network of partners

The customer journey with TVR Garage does not end with the handover of your keys. Our holistic sales model includes after sales support here in the USA and leverages links back to our network of partners in the UK. ​


Stockist of specialist TVR parts in the USA

Such thorough bred vehicles require high quality parts for maintenance and repair. Supported by relationships with leading suppliers in the TVR market in the UK today, we are one of the only stockists of specialist TVR parts in the USA and offer next day delivery.​


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