About TVR

TVR. The untamed

A TVR is a Powerful, lightweight, agile sports car derived from motorsport first principles, a true driver’s car. One such model, the TVR Cerbera, launched in 1996 features a 4.2 litre, 360bhp, 310 lb-ft torque motor held in a tubular spaceframe chassis and wrapped in a separate composite body. Revered as a machine that demands skill and respect of the driver, to tame “the beast of Blackpool”. Power and lightweighting, without any drivers aid, is the perfect recipe for a visceral, raw, and engaging driving experience. For the driving purist, in a world moving towards ever increasing technological and digital solutions, a TVR offers an analogue, soul stirring, alternative alongside timeless and beautiful design. TVR offers a rare and exclusive addition to any discerning owners’ collection.