About us

Our Story

A Shared Passion​

TVR Garage was founded in Arizona in 2023 by British born Andi Hughes & Gavin Bristow. Having begun their careers together in the Automotive industry at Rover / BMW Group in 1996 their journey has taken them across the globe and through a cross section of brands and technology based industries.​

Happenstance has found them both residing on the west coast of the USA and with a friendship rekindled, and a passion shared, TVR Garage was formed.​


Our Vision

TVR Reborn

TVR Sports cars, the beasts from Blackpool in England, stand out from the crowd as innovative, beautiful and powerful machines making them the object of any driving purists’ desire.​

While established in the late 40s as a brand, some of the most extreme TVR’s from the mid 90’s and 2000’s were never sold in the USA due to regulatory restrictions and the companies unwavering commitment to driving performance.​

Having now hit the 25yr classic car import threshold, its time to give vehicles from this era a new lease of life in the USA, and TVR Garage are here to support adopters end to end throughout their ownership journey.​

Our Value

Combining Forces​

While beginning their careers at the same time and in the same place, Andi & Gavin have accrued a diverse range of complementary skills and experiences since 1996, furnishing them with the skills needed to build a business to support the customer journey at every step of the way.​

Andi and Gavin between them have held positions in sales, marketing, aftersales, product / technology development, product introduction, operations and quality management, gained from automotive and technology companies such as BMW, MINI, Roll-Royce, McLaren Automotive, SpaceX, Fisker Inc., Uber ATG and more. ​